“Beware of the CBS Sports App extension for Google Chrome Browser”– I was getting relentless and ANNOYING audio ads on my computer (mainly from VERIZON wireless). I endured it for a day, ran full scans using Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes anti-malware . I researched Google relentlessly….all with no obvious answers….THEN I looked at my Google Chrome extensions and realized I had recently added one for CBS Sports….MISTAKE!! Once I unchecked that extension the annoyng ads disappeared…..SO, “let the user beware”….I am not sure how / why CBS or Google allow this, nor Verizon for that matter, but if you are dealing with audio ads on your computer that you do not want and cannot stop…check your Google Chrome extensions and UN-checked the CBS sports app, if it is checked…it worked for ME!  (If this helps you out, please shoot me an email to let me know….THANKS!)


if you are a T-Mobile user with an iPhone 6 and you get complaints about your phone’s call quality / reception, BEWARE…..i was getting numerous complaints about poor signal on my end and i just chalked it up to spotty location-based connection and of T-Mobile, in general, for a pretty long time…I finally called T-Mobile and after about a half-hour on the phone, I find out that the problem is KNOWN ISSUE to T Mobile and apparently they ship new phones with this feature activated!  It involves their Wi-Fi Calling Feature which you do NOT want activated as a “default setting” (It CAN BE a great feature if you have no available T-Mobile signal, but it over-rides the cellular signal when activated and your call-quality will only be as good as your wi-fi signal, with this feature and wifi activated…Ridiculous to me that this does not “add to” T -Mobile’s cellular service, but rather it replaces it, essentially!)

Here is what you do….First, go to Settings and turn wifi off….then from Settings, under Cellular, Enable LTE,  set to enable LTE for DATA ONLY (likely it is set to Voice & Data?)…..then also in Settings scroll down to Phone and, go to Allow WI-Fi Calls and TURN THIS OFF ….

So far this seems to have fixed the problem…if not, i will come back and update this…I hope this helps somebody out there